Staff-Exchange Twinning (SET) visits

Each SET will comprise on-the-job and side-by-side sharing of experience and transferring of knowledge and data in a two-fold manner:

  • thematically, on the subject-matters of the specialized expertise of each Advanced Partner; and
  • horizontally, on each Advanced Partner’s approach and excellent-praxis in research-management-&-administration and in operation of networks-of-excellence.

Adjunct Professorships/ Lectureships/ Trainerships (APLeT)

APLeT will engage more tangibly the relevant internationally-leading Staff from the Advanced Partners, by incorporating them in an “Affiliated” and/or “Adjunct/ Visiting” function in the Faculty and/or Research teams of CERIDES at EUC. According to seniority and expertise-profile, these “affiliations” and/or “adjunctions” may take the form of:

  • Professorship, and/or
  • Lectureship, and/or
  • Trainerships.

Hands-On Trainings (HOT)

HOTs will provide hands-on experience in a comprehensive and focused manner, leveraging and putting to practice the specialized expertise of each Advanced Partner. HOTs will have two modalities:

  • Short-courses, in the form of dedicated workshops targeting EUC scientific and student personnel, as well as other relevant stakeholders (governmental, entrepreneurial, societal) locally and regionally; and
  • Field-Exercises, in the form of participatory simulations of wildfire-operations, which will engage stakeholders such as civil protection and emergency personnel, firefighters, forest services, volunteers, city/community councils, and civic associations (including non-governmental organizations).